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Canada 150 Anniversary...Yes the World Needs More Canada

Delighted? Proud? Belonging? All the above. This is how each and every Arab Canadian feels towards the 150 Anniversary of Canada. Nour Jamal, Al Multaqa cultural affairs editor met with the community to hear how they feel.

Ahmed Al Ali, our official car mechanic, since I came to life said: In this world full of conflicts, clashes and hatred, motivated by racist, religion or political reasons Canada to me is the oasis of tolerance, understanding and accepting of others, no matter what their religion or color is. To be honest, sometimes this belief get shaken and uncertain, when for example rare incidents like the gruesome massacre in the Quebec mosque, but I tend to keep my optimisms and remind myself that all my fellow Canadian took the same stand and expressed their shock, dismay and deep sadness to what happened.

Rana Basem, My family doctor clinic’s receptionist said: Canada is a second mother to me, it’s my beautiful summer days eagerly awaited every year, after the harsh winter, to spread my wings and travel as much as I can to see more and more of my Canada, and learn more about this generously loving mother. It’s the long winter days that I used to hate during my childhood, but learned to love and enjoy when I grew up. Now I can’t imagine life without a blanket of white covers everything. Actually it reminds me of my mothers’ white heart, and also hair maybe, but let’s not go there, she doesn’t like it.

Sara Baker, my always laughing for no reason neighbor, has this to say: Canada is hot coffee in the winter with maple syrup covered donuts, freezing Tims iced capp in the summer, lots of Barbeque parties in our back yard, all year round…and what else? Yahhh, it’s the enjoyable skiing in winter. But let’s be clear, I only watch, while fully bundled with heavy clothes, I’m not cracked enough to add more cold to my already freezing nose.

More to come….

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